Graduates The objective of the Guidance Office is to provide the LOLCS high school student with the knowledge required to begin the college selection process.

Course selection, SAT and ACT test preparation, college visits, interviews, parent meetings, and conferences are all a vital part of the process. The objective is to have the student select the college or university which God would have him/her attend.

College Prep Seminar
There is a college preparatory seminar presented every year during the month of October. This seminar discusses career choices, college selection, college majors, testing, financial aid and scholarships, and Godís will for the studentís life. All high school students and parents are encouraged to attend.

11th graders take this preliminary SAT test in October of each year on the campus of LOLCS. This test also fulfills the role of a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship program.

LOLCS graduation requirements include the need for 120 hours of involvement (30 hours each year for grades 9-12), within the following categories:

Church Local church or ministry based. Examples: VBS, Mission outreach, and Childrenís Church.
Action Physical labor at either local church or a para-church organizations. Examples: School /Church work days, Hope Childrenís Home, help for home-bound or senior adults, and teacherís aide. Student may serve as a teacherís aide to fulfill the action category requirement.
Service Non-church based.
See the Community Service Form for more information.

This optional test is available to all high school students as they seek the Lord's will for future educational and vocational tract. This complete, biblically based guidance package evaluates interests, skills, values, and personality factors. Students take this test via computer assisted testing and received a detailed analysis to assist parents and students with career selection.

Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment is designed for academically talented students who want to accelerate their college careers. Dual enrollment can help offset college expenses for families, shorten the time it takes to earn a degree, and allow qualified students to reduce their course-load per term when they attend college full time.

College Trip
Based upon student interest, LOLCS will take a Christian College trip for interested high school students. Usually this is a 5-8 day trip visiting 4-5 Christian Colleges. Students are given campus tours, attend chapel or classes, eat on campus, and stay in the residence halls.

Access the links below to help you prepare for college!

Go here to register for the test, get test prep, and other college prep related material.

Go here to register for the test, get test prep, and other college prep related material.

Go here to take the test, and receive career guidance. The Career Directģ Complete Guidance System is an individual, personal growth resource designed to help you maximize your God-given talents and abilities. More than a simple career test, it analyzes four critical areas-personality, interests, skills, and values. Most other career assessments only analyze one or two.


For new student registration information please call our office at 813-995-9040, or you can email us at