Administration and Support Staff  
Administrator Pastor David Nichols
Assistant to the Administrator/Elementary Supervisor Mrs. Denise Smith
Athletic Director Mr. Scott Long
Registrar Mrs. LeAnne Fuller
Bookkeeper Mrs. Mrs. Krista Mengel
School Receptionist/Secretary Mrs. Melissa Ackerson
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Mindy Newsome
Librarian Mrs. Pam Kravitz
Before School Care Mrs. Christine Sutton/Mrs. Jessica DeStefano
Extended School Day Mrs. Mindy Newsome/Mrs. Jessica DeStefano
Band/Music Lesson Coordinator Mrs. Mindy Newsome
Maintenance/Custodial Mr. Henry VanPetten/Mr. David Mengel

Elementary Faculty  
PK-3 Mrs. Susie Perez
K-4 Mrs. Lori Buker
K-5 Mrs. Robin de la Rosa
Kindergarten Enrichment Mrs. Susan Nichols/Mrs. Lori Buker
1st Grade Mrs. Michelle Newhard
2nd Grade Mrs. Debbie Frazier
2nd Grade Mrs. Christy Hoynoski
3rd Grade Mrs. Heather Mason
4th Grade Mrs. Michelle Fleeman
5th Grade Mrs. Corrine Pemberton/Mr. Scott Long
6th Grade Mr. Tom Frazier
Physical Education Mr. Scott Long
Elementary Spanish Miss Elizabeth Campos
Elementary Music, Choir, Band, Strings Miss Sarah Peterson
Elementary Computers Mrs. Denise Smith

Secondary Faculty  
High School Bible Pastor Troy Self/Mr. Scott Long
Jr. High Bible Pastor Rick Avriett
History/Geography/Government/Economics/Speech Mrs. Linda Galster
Science/Computers Mr. Keith Newhard
Anatomy and Physiology Mrs. Corrine Pemberton
High School Mathematics Mr. Jim Peifer
Jr. High Math/Geometry/Probability/Statistics Mrs. Brenda Sango
High School English Mrs. Maresa Shelburne
Secondary Choirs Pastor Troy Self
General Business/Yearbook/Personal Finance Mrs. Krista Mengel
Instrumentals Miss Sarah Peterson
Spanish Mrs. Susie Perez
Physical Education Mr. Scott Long

Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach Mr. Scott Long
Girls JV Volleyball Coach Mrs. Jamie Becker
Boys Soccer Coach Mr. Mark Zabilowicz
JV Girls Basketball Coach Mrs. Jamie Becker
Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Mr. Scott Long
JV Boys Basketball Coach Mr. Mark Zabilowicz
Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Mr. Dean Williams
Golf Coach Pastor Rick Avriett

School Board  
Pastor Dr. David Peterson
Administrator Pastor Dave Nichols
Chairman Mr. Richard de la Rosa
Secretary Mrs. Denise Smith
Member Mr. Ken Buker
Member Mr. Bryan Branham
Member Mr. T.R. Campbell
Member Mrs. Vivian Coates
Member Mr. Brent Pemberton
Member Mr. Paul Little

Faculty Biographies

Rev. Rick Avriett is a life-long resident of Land O’ Lakes. After graduating from Pasco High School, he attended Florida State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1978.

After working in the business world for several years, Pastor Avriett attended Tampa Bay Bible College and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies.

Pastor Avriett and his wife, Diane, have four grown children (all LOLCS graduates), Amanda, Trenton, Allison, and Katie. He has been on staff at First Baptist Church since 1993 and teaches High School Bible.

Mrs. Lori Buker was born in Miami, Florida where she lived for most of her childhood, although there were a few years her family lived in Texas and Israel while her parents were missionaries. While she was raised in a Godly family, she didn’t fully understand how to be saved until a Sunday School teacher in Dallas took the time to explain the Gospel, and Mrs. Buker accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Mrs. Buker attended Miami Christian College where she earned her BS degree in Psychology/Counseling. Over the years, she’s worked in counseling, accounting and teaching.

She and her husband Kenneth have two children, KC and Emily, who both graduated from LOLCS and are currently pursuing their college degrees.

Mrs. Buker has taught K-4 at LOLCS since 2002 and is thankful for the privilege of being able to have a positive impact on the lives of the little ones in her care. She understands that children who are in a loving and nurturing environment will flourish emotionally as well as academically. She is dedicated to insuring that each day her students are surrounded with love and encouragement, as well as discovering that learning is fun.

Mrs. Robin de la Rosa was born and raised in Ft. Wayne, IN, where she attended a Christian School from elementary through high school. She accepted Christ as her savior in Sunday school at the age of six. Robin is married and has three daughters who have all attended LOLCS since K4; her oldest is now attending Pensacola Christian College.

Robin has been teaching at LOLCS since 2006. She holds a CDA as well as a Christian Child Development Education Credential. Robin has a dedication to quality in early childhood development. She strives to preserve the integrity of faith-based teaching in our program.

Mrs. Michelle Fleeman was born in Edina, Minnesota. She moved to Florida with her family in 1980 to escape the bitter Minnesota winters. While attending, First Baptist Church of Dunedin at age 12 she trusted Christ to be her Redeemer. While attending Tarpon Springs High School Mrs. Fleeman met her husband David and they married immediately after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education (K-12) from the University of South Florida in 1993. In 2002, she earned her Masters in Varying Exceptionalities Education (K-12). She taught various special education classes from 1993-2000 in the public school system, before taking a two year sabbatical to stay home with her daughter. In 2005 she obtained her general education certification and began teaching 5th grade at Brooker Creek Elementary School in Pinellas County. She started teaching 4th grade at LOLCS in August 2015 and is looking forward to inspiring her students to grow and develop both academically and spiritually.

Mrs. Debbie Frazier was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Tampa Bay Bible College in 1983. Debbie has taught first and second grades in Christian school for 15 years and homeschooled her own daughters for 3 years (grades 3-7).

Debbie and her husband, Tom, both began teaching at LOLCS in 2007. They have two daughters, Katie and Vickie – one in the LOLCS Class of 2012 and one in the LOLCS Class of 2014. She enjoys reading, playing the upright bass to accompany her husband and using puppets in her teaching ministry.

Mr. Tom Frazier was born and raised in Pinellas County, Florida. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Bible College in Hollywood, Florida, in 1978. Tom taught 5th grade for 15 years at Suncoast Christian School in Clearwater, Florida. During his time at Suncoast Christian School, he also pastored Tampa Shores Baptist Church in Oldsmar for nine years. After pastoring at Calvary Bible Church in Inverness for four years, Tom joined the staff at Land O’ Lakes Christian School in 2007 as a sixth grade teacher.

Tom and Debbie Frazier have two daughters, Katie and Vickie – one in the LOLCS Class of 2012 and one in the LOLCS class of 2014. He and Debbie love reading, music, and their teaching ministries.

Mrs. Linda Galster, teaches the social science classes in the junior and senior high as well as creative arts, life management, and speech classes. She and her husband Bruce are “native Floridians”. Mrs. Galster has lived in Land O’ Lakes all her life and even attended Sanders Elementary.

Mrs. Galster has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in social science education from the University of South Florida. She previously taught at Land O’ Lakes High and Pine View Middle School before “retiring” to raise her boys Joshua and Jacob. While at Pine View she earned certification to teach gifted education classes and did so for several years. She has taught full time at LOLCS for 13 years. Mrs. Galster loves being able to teach from a Godly perspective and show her student’s God’s plan throughout history. She also has a passion for the fine arts program at Land O’Lakes Christian School and enjoys working with the students in many areas of speech and drama.

Mrs. Christy Hoynoski was born in Danville, KY and attended Kindergarten - 12th grade at a small school in Eminence, KY. She grew up in a Christian home and trusted Christ as her Savior at the age of 12.

Mrs. Hoynoski earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating college, she met her husband, Cris. They married in 1996 and moved to FL shortly afterwards due to his job transfer. They have two children, Bryce has attended LOLCS since Kindergarten and is currently a senior, whereas Brandt started in K-4 and is currently a freshman.

Mrs. Hoynoski taught Kindergarten at a Christian school in Wesley Chapel before coming to LOLCS in 2015. She counts it a privilege to partner with the families at LOLCS to educate the students academically as well as spiritually. It warms her heart to be a small part of God's plan for her students.

Mr. Scott Long was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He trusted in Christ at 8 years old in his Sunday school class. Mr. Long received his B.A. in Elementary Education from St. Petersburg College and has ten years of teaching experience.

Mr. Long is married to Kim and has a daughter named Brooke, who attends Land O’ Lakes Christian School. He enjoys playing beach volleyball and he officiates Pro Beach Volleyball, indoor volleyball, and NCAA Sand volleyball.

Mrs. Krista Mengel was born and raised in Bushnell, Florida. She trusted in Christ as her Savior at the age of 11 in her church, First Baptist Church of Bushnell.

Mrs. Mengel received her AA degree from Lake Sumter Community College and he BA in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. She began teaching at Land O’ Lakes Christian School in 2011 and also serves as the school and church bookkeeper. She teaches High School General Business.

Mrs. Mengel is married and has four children, all students at LOLCS. She and her family consider it a privilege to serve here and are thankful for their church and school “home.”

Mrs. Michelle Newhard grew up in Denver, CO and trusted Christ as her Savior at age 14. After receiving a B.A. in Christian Education from Colorado Bible College, she taught 4th grade and kindergarten at a Christian school in Colorado for 4 years. She married her husband, Keith, in 1983 and they served as missionary teachers with New Tribes Mission in Papua New Guinea from 1988-1992.

Michelle first began teaching First grade at Land O'Lakes Christian School in 2000. Michelle & Keith have two grown sons, Erik and Jesse, who graduated from LOLCS and are now attending college.

Mr. Keith Newhard trusted Christ as his Savior as a teenager. He graduated from Florida Bible college with a B.A. in Biblical Education and minors in Theology and Christian Education. While teaching at a Christian school in Colorado, he met and married Mrs. Newhard. Shortly after that, they went into full time missions work in Papua New Guinea under New Tribes Mission. Their ministry there included teaching at a Christian school in the Hamtai tribe and in the missionary children’s school. The Lord blessed with two boys who are now in college. After 25 years of teaching, Mr. Newhard still enjoys working with children on the academic and spiritual levels.

Mrs. Susan Nichols grew up in a Christian home and attended Christian schools from elementary through high school. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Pensacola Christian College. The Nichols have 6 children enrolled in and/or graduates of Land O’ Lakes Christian School. Mrs. Nichols also has a “Staff Credential” from the Florida Department of Children and Families. Mrs. Nichols developed the Kindergarten Enrichment program in 2006 and has been teaching at LOLCS since then.

Mr. Jim Peifer was called to service as a Math teacher at Land O’ Lakes Christian School in 2005. He has been teaching secondary mathematics for over 45 years. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Belmont University and spent a year studying Math Education at Middle Tennessee State University Graduate School. He and his wife, Whithers, have six grown children and six grandchildren.

Mrs. Corrine Pemberton is a two-time graduate of Pensacola Christian College. She has worked at LOLCS since 2001. Currently she teaches 5th grade part of the day, junior high language arts, and an anatomy class.

Mrs. Pemberton is married and has four sons. All have graduated from LOLCS and are now attending college.

Mrs. Susie Perez was born in Havana, Cuba. She trusted in Christ at 23 years old during her mother’s baptismal service. She received her B.A. in Finance from the University of South Florida.

Mrs. Perez is married and has two sons; Andrew, who is in college, and Alex, who is a Senior in High School. She homeschooled her two sons for seven years then taught in public school for two years. She has taught Pre-Kindergarten 3 and High School Spanish at Land O’ Lakes Christian School since 2010.

Mrs. Perez loves going on missions trips with our church, First Baptist Church of Land O’ Lakes, and reaching Spanish speaking people for Christ.

Miss Sarah Peterson graduated from Clearwater Christian College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education with proficiency in both cello and piano. She has been teaching music at Christian schools in Florida, Hawaii, and California since 2007. She currently teaches handbells, band, string orchestra, elementary general music classes, preschool music, and private lessons (strings, piano). In high school, Ms. Peterson played in the Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra and was selected to be a part of the Eleventh and Twelfth All State Orchestra. Miss Peterson has won many awards including the Joyce Walsh Junior Disability Award and the Instrumental Commencement Competition in cello solo at Clearwater Christian College. She also has prepared music groups and soloists for state level competitions in the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and Southern Californian Association of Christian Schools. She is a member of the Florida Music Educators’ Association.

Mrs. Brenda Sango has been teaching at Land O’Lakes Christian School since 2006. Her responsibilities include teaching seventh grade math, pre-algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Mrs. Sango attended the State University of New York at Buffalo where she earned a bachelor’s degree in statistics and a master’s degree in mathematics education. Throughout her teaching career Mrs. Sango has taught all levels of mathematics from junior high math through pre-calculus, and has headed a program for gifted elementary students.

She and her husband, Jason, have two grown children, Jared and Janelle, who are graduates of Land O’Lakes Christian School.

Mrs. Maresa Shelburne teaches high school language arts, choir, and piano at Land O’ Lakes Christian School. She graduated from a Christian high school and has a B.A. degree from Bob Jones University in Music with an English minor. Her three sons, Zachary, Spencer, and Andrew all graduated from LOLCS, have graduated from Christian colleges, and are actively involved in music ministry themselves.

Mrs. Denise Smith was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She accepted Christ as her Savior while at a summer youth camp. She attended college taking courses in Business Administration immediately after high school. After settling in central Pasco County in the mid-1980’s, she was raising a family and active in the ministry of First Baptist Church. During that time she began our K4 program at Land O’ Lakes Christian School. Her role has expanded to include assisting the Administrator in maintaining state and national accreditations, supervising the Elementary Department, and is the Director for our Preschool program. Her hobbies and interests are varied but center on home, family, and ministry with gardening and active outdoor activities dominating her free time.


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