Technology Technology is constantly changing so our computer lab at LOLCS is updated regularly. Recently, we were able to purchase 23 new Mac computers that also function with Windows software applications in a dual/parallel desktop environment.

The purpose of this technology is to train, equip, and prepare the next generation of Christians to serve in their local church, community, and to the regions beyond. The integration of the principles of Godís Word into the technology curriculum helps guide the students in their future endeavors.

The technology instruction for students incorporates applied skills from academic subject areas such as Language Arts, History, Science, and Math. Research skills, graphing, story writing, and software overviews are also taught at the appropriate grade levels.

Filtered internet is available for high school student use on laptops and tablets for classroom purposes. Many teachers use technology in the classroom during instructional time.

Every student is required to take at least one online class (Florida Virtual School or Dual Enrollment) before graduation. This can be done on campus or at home.


For new student registration information please call our office at 813-995-9040, or you can email us at